Our Objectives

At CRAWN Trust, we are driven by our vision of a just and democratic society, founded on  an informed and empowered people who are drivers of positive change. In this respect, our organizational objectives include but a not limited to:

  1. Advocate for policies and laws that promote equity and equality in the society;
  2. Build the capacity and support womens participation in decision making at all levels;
  3. Implement mentorship, empowerment and skills transfer programs amongst women and the youth;
  4. Promote awareness and accountability of national and county issues that impact communities;
  5. Engage with existing national and county level leadership to address citizens concerns and encourage the emergence of leadership among women and the youth;
  6. Network with like-minded organizations in advocating for justice and service delivery;
  7. Enhance the capacity of communities for effective public participation and engagement with existing  development initiatives.

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Our Eldoret Women's Peace March 2017