Who We Are

Who We Are

Community Advocacy and Awareness (CRAWN) Trust is a non-profit  multidisciplinary organization that specializes in Civic Education, Community Empowerment, Training, Research,  Advocacy, Consulting and Sustainable Development Approaches. 

CRAWN Trust models its intervention from the gaps in development work which include sustainability of intervention and coordinated information and practice.  It responds to the needs of communities, and other development actors to ensure optimum interaction amongst these development actors.  CRAWN further partners with other like-minded civil society organizations countrywide to facilitate social, economic and political community empowerment.


A Society in which women and men are equal and equitable partners at all levels of economic, political and social development.


To empower people, especially women, with necessary information and skills to influence policies and decision making at all levels that will promote an equitable society in the socio-economic and political sphere.

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Our Eldoret Women's Peace March 2017