Our Strategies

Research forms a key component of our programmatic interventions. The aim of the research is to generate data and statistics that will be relevant in advancing our advocacy agenda. The data will also be relevant in planning by government. Further, data will be useful in monitoring the implementation of policies, laws and international human rights commitments by the government.

Advocacy will aim to influence decision making processes to take on board gender concerns. It is the firm belief of CRAWN that gender sensitive policies and laws are critical to women’s empowerment. With policies and laws in place, the government is obligated to protect the rights of both men and women. Advocacy shall comprise of research, public education and mobilization, lobbying, media activities, development of advocacy materials and networking and coalition building among others. Our advocacy will be strengthened through development and implementation of a communications strategy. 

Development of strategic networks at local and national levels
CRAWN recognizes the diversity found in various organizations and the strength of working together for a common goal. In implementation of its programs, CRAWN Trust has played a catalytic role using her experience in fostering effective partnerships, networking relations and collaborative alliances with women’s organizations, Unions, commissions, Council of Governors, corporate institutions to advance its cause at local and national level.

Capacity Building
Capacity building is an important aspect of gender mainstreaming and advocacy. CRAWN Trust has carried out capacity building to various institutions on gender mainstreaming, advocacy and continues to strengthen capacities of women to effectively demand their rights and participate in public processes. CRAWN Trust also enhances capacity of policy makers and other key leaders to address women’s concerns in decision making processes. 

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