Governance & Democracy Program


Our Governance and Democracy Programme seeks to address socioeconomic concerns as they relate to governance processes, for instance the marginal representation of women in decision making and gender blind Policy formulation and legislative processes.  Gender blind planning and implementation of budgets, policies and programs and monitoring their impact and highlighting how it translates to marginalization of women in socio and economic and political spheres.

 CRAWN's Strategic Objectives for the Governance and Democracy Program include:

  •  To increase the participation of women in decision making processes which includes Capacity building of women to effectively participate in decision making and democratic processes, Advocacy for affirmative action for women in decision making and electoral processes.
  • To promote women rights in policy and legislative processes which entails carrying out Policy and legislative Research, Advocating and monitoring implementation of gender sensitive policies and laws.
  • To promote gender sensitive public sector reforms and monitor service delivery in key performance areas.


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