What is Zinduko

CRAWN recognizes the diversity found in various organizations and the strength of working together for a common goal. In implementation of its programs, CRAWN Trust has played a catalytic role using her experience in fostering effective partnerships, networking relations and collaborative alliances with women’s organizations, Unions, commissions, Council of Governors, corporate institutions to advance its cause at local and national level. 

CRAWN Trust established Zinduko La Wanawake (Awakening for Women) which is a platform created to realize women’s potential in political and economic leadership that brings together organizations, networks and individuals from the national to the county levels to harness their collective ability, voice, value and strength for synergy.  

At the County level, CRAWN Trusts has established Gender Round Tables which are County based networks that brings together women organizations CSOs and CBOs, Women and Youth Networks and professionals across the county. The groups are equipped with advocacy skills which enables them collect views and aspirations of women in the communities using the reflex methodology and engage their county leaders who include County Governor, County Executive Committees, Members of the County assemblies, Senators, Women Representatives and Members of Parliament. The Gender Round Table provides a platform where the 2 groups meet on a regular basis to address identified critical issues of concern to women. 

At the National Level, CRAWN Trust hosts the National Women Steering Committee (NWSC) through nomination by member organizations. The NWSC is a consortium of over 100 Non-governmental organizations and women and youth networks spread across the 47 counties that advocate and promote women advancement in political, social and economic sphere of national interest.  The organizations are united through a common platform to bring value, voice and strength on issues of critical importance and concern to women. It provides a one -stop platform that allows different actors with similar concerns to unite and amplify their voice in catalyzing action from rights holders and duty bearers.  

CRAWN Trust has also established networks with women in Unions, women in Professional bodies such as Women in Corporate leadership and management under the Kenya Institute of Management and women in Manufacturing Industries under the Kenya Association of Manufacturers, women in the different political parties leagues all aimed at addressing the different emerging issues and advancing women in the social economic and political sphere. 







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